[Season Of Love Project] Heart To Heart

Kim Sungjoo x Wang Yira the mantans~


Author : LaillaMP || Title :Heart to Heart || Tema : Unspoken Confession || Cast(s) : Kim Sungjoo (UNIQ), Wang Yira (OC), Lee Sora (OC), mentioned Li Wenhan, Zhou Yixuan (UNIQ) || Genre : College-life, A bit angst, Slice of Life, failed!Comedy || Length : Vignette [1K+ words] || Rating : Teenager || Disclaimer : I just own the story and the OCs. || Author’s Note : Yeap, firstly kenalkan saya adalah sesosok author yang dari dulu ‘gini gini aja’ dan ‘gitu gitu aja’ ((abaikan)) Lailla. Ini cerita yang entah ke-berapa dan ancurnya juga alaihim. But i hope you guys can enjoy this and review my weird fic, lol. Typo(s) may applied. Enjoy~^^

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