Songfic / Songficlet

This is just for Songfic/ficlet, means fanfic with lyrics on it, like Music Video. All story belongs to me a.k.a LaillaMP. Happy reading~^^
[ps : please tell me if there’s a broken link. thankyou and happy reading ^^]

One Fine Day
| Song Minho & Lee Seunghoon, OC || Angst, Friendship, Romance |

그대여 (Baby)
| Kim sungje (Supernova), Park Yoochan (OC) || Romance, Marriage-life, Angst |

Just Look At The Sky
| Bang Yongguk (BAP), Yoon Junhee (OC), Other BAP Members || Angst, Romance |

My everything
| Lee Donghae & Lee Hyukjae (Super Junior) || Angst, Shonen-Ai, Romance |

I Have Nothing
[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3] (END)
| Kim Jaejoong & Jung Yunho (DBSK/JYJ) || Angst, Family |

Color Ring (Kang Seungyoon’s Ver)
| Kang Seungyoon (Winner), You || Angst |

| Lee Seunghoon (Winner), You || Romance, Comedy, Angst |

Color Ring (Kim Jinwoo’s Ver)
| Kim Jinwoo (Winner), You || Comedy, Romance |

Coming Soon
| Im Soeun (Soloist NC.A), Yoo Heedo (B.I.G) || Comedy, School-life, Teenager |

Hello Baby
| Im Soeun (Soloist NC.A), Jeon Wonwoo (Seventeen), Yoo Heedo (B.I.G) || Angst, School-life |

[Last Update : 15/09/2015]


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