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[Ficlet] Failed Wedding

17877aa31729028d56f5a25cc432046a[Pic credit to pinterest]

Title : Failed Wedding
Genre : failed!Marriage life, Angst, Family
Length : Ficlet [600+ words]
Main Cast : Kim Sungjoo (UNIQ), Choi Minyoung (OC)

Inspired by one of Fly to the Sky’s MV. Enjoy!


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[Request] Our Lovely Sister (Oneshot)

our_lovely_sister_for_laillamp[poster by cloverqua @ Cafe Poster
thankyou for amazing poster kak ^^]

Title : Our Lovely Sister
Genre : Family, Thriller, Angst, Psychology [WARNING!! 15+]
Length : Oneshot [2k+ words]
Author : LaillaMP (@geonichirou)
Cast(s) : Kim Sungjoo (UNIQ), Kim Saeron (Actress), Kim Jiyeon (OC)

This fic was requested by Maura sherina d.
I’m sorry for the long waiting and bad result 😦 wish u enjoy!


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[UNIQ’s Series] Night’s Talk (Sungjoo Story)

nighttalk-bbon-cafeposter[poster by Bbon @ CafePoster
Thankyou for the amazing poster!]

Title : Night’s Talk
Genre : Romance, Angst
Length : Ficlet [800+w]
Cast(s) : Kim Sungjoo (UNIQ), Lee Jin (OC)
A/N : Yosh ini adalah yang kedua dari UNIQ’s Series. Moga aja ada yang numpang lewat terus baca gitu (ga nyadar diri ga ada yang mau baca wkwkwk)
Yosh monggo dibaca yang sebelumnya –> Yixuan | Sungjoo


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